Contact Details

E-Mail: jethrot 2000 at hotmail dot com.

Skype? Sorry, haven't used it in years. I'm not on X or Instagram either.

On gaming forums The NAF - Vimes. On Steam - Vimes30. You'll have a better chance of catching me on the latter BTW. You may also find me on Bandcamp (Vimes2019) or Kickstarter (same as my pen name).

I believe there's an e-mail link on my blog profile page on Blogger as well as the message section at the end of each post of the blogs.

I'm on Facebook/Meta. I use a line drawing of Sam Vimes from the Discoworld series for FB and Steam.

Feudball has it's own FB/Meta page though. You can get to it via this link. Seeing I've reached the end of the three-part series it doesn't get updated as much now, though I do have an idea or two for books four and five so you never know.

If you do want to add me to your friends list, chat or correspond, send a PM or an email first if you can, something with a subject heading of 'I liked your website' or 'I read Feudball', so I don't just delete it straight away. If you're spamming though it'll get deleted.