Blood Bowl Teams

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Blood Bowl Tournament Rules

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(all in PDF format) 
  • Be slaves no more - Lyrics to the Jailbirds' 'anthem' which I wrote in May 2016.
  • The Game - How the game is played, managed, and enjoyed by tens of thousands of fans across the world.
  • History - How the game developed over the centuries.
  • Penalties - A seperate file about what the players and teams can get in trouble for.
  • Races & Countries - A guide to the races featured and the countries involved in the book.
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Feudball Map - A rather basic map of the central Feudball playing world.

Jailbirds Jersey - A rather simplified design of the jersey worn by the Jailbirds in the first book.

Jailbirds Logo - A sketch of the Jailbirds emblem, the 'jailed' bird. Drawn by Mal van Drempt.


An interview conducted with Coast FM back in November 2011 for their arts program, where I talk about Feudball, Blood Bowl, playing football and various mental health issues. (WMA File)

Lyrics & Poetry

Two contenders for your crown, the place getter at the 2000 Australian Songwriters Association, and my prize-winning entries from the 2015 & 2016 Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW Poetry Competitions - Derelect at the Station and Ame Perdue. (All in PDF Format)


(PDF Format)

U 34 - My Call of Cthulhu Scenario (written for 5th edition), set in Europe in 1936.