Lyrics & Poetry

You don't need my love cover Suppose I'll just sing the blues coverCool evening breeze

In September 2018, I submitted my first volume of poetry and song lyrics to Amazon, You don't need my love, which is the title of the first song I (co) wrote way back in 1983. A second volume Suppose I'll just sing the blues followed in December. The pair were joined in August 2019 by a third volume entitled Cool evening breeze. The three anthologies each contain 52 compositions in chronological order, forming a mini autobiography. They're written in a variety of styles, seeing I've liked to experiment over the years. There are fictional pieces as well as compositions about significant events in my life, like the death of my parents, the end of friendships, the suicide of friends, relationships and their break-ups. There's political and social commentary as well, satire, lyrical snapshots of moments of seemingly mundane days and much more. All three volumes are currently retailing for $2 AUD each.

They represents a mere 10% of the number of pieces that I have composed, but cover a period of 36 years. The first volume includes some competition pieces, including my 2015 winner, Âme perdue, and Two contenders for your crown, a place getter in the lyrics section of the 2000 Australian Songwriters Association. Each volume contains a couple of pieces written around the time of publication.

There'll be more to follow. If you like the collection, and have the time, please pose a short review on the site where you purchased it and give it a good rating or as many stars (thumbs up, likes, etc.) as possible to make it easier for other people to find my material.

24 August 2019