Date: 1 September 2020

Topics: Blood Bowl, Photography & Writing

Blood Bowl: Unfortunately, the next tournament that I had registered to play in is not going ahead. Due to restrictions and regulations imposed on indoor events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual MOAB games convention, which was due to commence on October 3, was cancelled. The second running of the sevens tournament, the Outback Cup, at this stage is still on October 31.

Photography: Though I've been quite reclusive of late with all the drama of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have had a couple of occasions where I've been able to take the camera out and see what I could find. During August, on a rare date, I wandered around Point Frederick (maybe for the seventh time) whilst the weather was good, and on an outing with my mental health support group, visited Woy Woy, where I got some nice shots of the wildlife and the water. On weekly shopping excursions into Gosford, I've also been utilising my mobile phone's camera to record demolition work in the centre of town, where a new tower complex will be constructed. The annual Art Works! exhibition is still going ahead in October, and I have submitted an entry, a piece entitled Naturally Isolated, which spent some time on display at the Casa del Sol gallery and was one of my entries at the Gosford Regional Show several years ago. You can see it on the Featured page in the Photography section of the website.

Writing: Editing has been progresing steadily on Feudball 3 after a couple of relaxing weeks doing very little. I'm about a third of the way through a second draft, with the project creeping towards the 200k word mark. I've also been taking notes and checking that I've been consistent with characters, place names, teams, organisations, etc. which will come in handy when I update other associated files.

Date: 31 July 2020

Topics: Writing

Writing: The remaining unfinished chapters were a lot tougher to finish than I thought they were. However, yesterday, after a few distractions and plenty of procrastination, I succeeded in finally finishing the first draft of Feudball 3. 197,500 words, give or take fifty, 280 pages. The last chapter that needed finishing was Chapter 2, the opening match in the book. I think I've earned a break for the time being, before settling in to do other stuff for the book like Gordon's blackboards, editing (oh, boy does it need some) and creating maps. I might even add some jersey illustrations as well.

Date: 21 June 2020

Topics: Writing

Writing: The fortnight just finished has been quite good, despite some personal dramas and some health concerns. Three chapters of Feudball 3 were completed, with two of them being ones that had already been started, with another just needing a few extra paragraphs. One was the semi-final in the Iberian tournament, one a friendly match in Morrunsia (when Tallin returns home) and the other a match in the Brython Cup. This leaves just four chapters to complete to finish off the first draft, with the tome having reached 258 pages and containing just over 180,000 words.

Date: 14 May 2020

Topics: Blood Bowl & Writing

Blood Bowl: Whilst all four of my online teams have had two matches each, the last game I've played was on April 20, with my Heavy Tank Brigade losing a tight match to a lizardman team, with only one TD scored in the game. Despite a 7-3 casualty count in my favour (my highest since August 2017), the skinks just kept on finding ways through to sack the ball carrier. All four teams have wins, with only my Gosford Goblin side having recorded two wins from two starts.

Writing: A very productive fortnight, where I completed two chapters for Feudball 3, both of them being part of a tournament on the main continent. They were two of five chapters that only had a few notes recorded under the chapter heading. The first draft has expanded to 217 (A4) pages, and is now just over 150,000 words.

Date: 13 April 2020

Topics: Blood Bowl & Writing

Blood Bowl: All four of my teams have played a match in the NSW Super League or its Stunty associate. Doing the best out of the group is the Gosford Goblins with a pair of 2-0 wins. My other stunty team, the Heavy Tank Brigade (Ogres) registered a 3-0 victory in their first outing, with the Chaotic Flowers (Chaos) bouncing back from a 0-4 defeat to win their second match 3-0, and my Kislev side, the Soldiers of Stalin, losing their only game 1-3.

Writing: Chapter 25 (which features the last game in the Feudball 3 book) just keeps on growing. There's a lot to cover, more so considering it's one of the main character's last match as a player. By itself, its at 19 (A4) pages with around 14,000 words. The entire book now has nearly 128,000 words.

Date: 3 April 2020

Topics: Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl: Played my first ever online game last Friday (March 27). The NSW Super League, made up of players (at the moment) from the BMBBL, has been set up utilizing the BB2 PC game. We have two seperate leagues, one for normal teams, and one for stunties, with coaches allowed to enter two teams in each. In the regular competition, I'll be fielding Chaos and Kislev Circus, and in the stunty it'll be Goblins and Ogres. My goblin side, the Gosford Goblins (yeah, I know, very unimaginative) took on a halfling side and won 2-0 in the first match of the league. Very pleased to get through without suffering a casualty and doing four in return.

Writing: I should be doing more, but my varied sleeping patterns (significantly inspired as it were by my increased online activity) means I've either been too tired, asleep, or distracted with a game to actually do any serious work. Feudball 3 though has progressed (in size) to just over 122,000 words, 183 pages.

Date: 24 March 2020

Topics: Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl: So much can happen in six days. With Australia in lockdown mode, with only essential services running, and extensive social distancing laws in place, league matches in the BMBBL have almost stopped completely, with upcoming Sydney tournaments, Mountain Bowl and Australia's major, the Eucalyptus Bowl, having been cancelled or postponed. Thankfully, there are online options, which I'm now sorely tempted to try, so the gap should be filled shortly, though all of us would prefer to be out there rolling dice physically rather electronically.

Date: 18 March 2020

Topics: Blood Bowl & Photography

Blood Bowl: Despite the threat of COVID-19, the Blue Mountains Blood Bowl League has kicked off with several games having already been played. On March 14, I ventured down to Gametraders Hornsby to face two opponents in league matches, with the Second Legion of Brian starting very badly, losing both to chaos dwarves and khemri, and suffering seven casualties all up and conceding three touchdowns as well. With three tournaments scheduled over the next six weeks, it remains to be seen if any of them are going to go ahead, with the Eucalyptus Bowl, Australia's major tournament, being the one most affected.

Photography: With recent bans on public gatherings having been put in place, dozens of events (sport, leisure, entertainment, etc.) have been cancelled. One of them was the annual Sydney Royal Easter Show, where I was going to put two entries into the photographic competition.

Date: 20 February 2020

Topics: Blood Bowl & Writing

Blood Bowl: After some time away from regular league play, I'll be rejoining the BMBBL for their next season, starting in March. I'll be fielding a Roman Dwarven team.

Writing: Finished another chapter of the first draft of Feudball 3 today, which makes 16 out of the proposed 27 chapters completed. Was quite happy to break the 100,000 word barrier as well.

Date: 15 February 2020

Topics: Blood Bowl & Website

Blood Bowl: Despite the terribly wet and windy conditions, I attended the first of five scheduled Sydney Bowl Sevens tournaments at the Games Cube in Parramatta on February 9. Eleven coaches were present, and I took Norse, along with two others. The winner however was Josh M (from the Blue Mountains BB League), fielding Skaven. Yours truly finished 8th overall, with a record of 1-2-2. Not a particularly good start for the year, with the games being mostly frustrating.

Website: Got busy after lunch and attempted to convert the first Heavy Metal Special that I recorded at 2 YOU FM way back in December 1992. Unfortunately, the tape with the first two hours was not co-operating, but despite a couple of hiccups, I was able to convert the second half of the show into MP3 files. You'll find them on the Broadcasts page.

Date: 27 January 2020

Topics: Photography & Writing

Photography: Finally did it. Put two entries in for this year's Royal Easter Show. Entered my two favourite and most popular pieces, Chillin' on the Jetty in the Rural Subject (Section 10) and At Rest in the Open Section (Section 13).

Writing: Work has stalled for a couple of weeks due to various various, but estimate that I have finished at least half of the first draft of Feudball 3: On the Road.

Date: 25 November, 2019

Topics: Blood Bowl & Photography

Blood Bowl: Participated in the first NAF approved sevens tournament in NSW. It was a long day (up around 6am and back around 8.30pm) and a lenghty trip to Windsor to play in the five game event. The Shieldmaidens, my Amazon side, faired well, giving me my best record at a tournament this year, going W-L-W-L-W. The two losses were to the runner up (Georgiechristo, with Skaven) and the winner Antonio91 (Necromantic). The pair were seperated on a countback, with the necro team having slightly better Net TDs. Apart from the Central Coast, players also traveled from Mudgee and Lithgow to attend.

Photography: Despite a lot of positive feedback in regards to Midnight Architecture, it didn't sell, and failed to receive a prize. I was also unsuccessful in the annual Bird Life Australia photography competition.

Date: 15 October, 2019

Topics: Blood Bowl & Photography

Blood Bowl: Took a Elven roster, the Holgate Hornets, to MOAB for the BB tournament over the long weekend (October 5-7) at Sylvania Heights. Between the elven curse and plenty of injured players, they could not really get going, finishing 12th overall with a 2-0-4 record. The tournament was won by Redcard, playing Necromantic. One good thing for the weekend was that I played my 400th match at a NAF event, regardless if my opponent was a registered player or not.

Photography: The annual Artworks! mental health art exhibition is on at the Gosford regional gallery in East Gosford. 140 entries this year, and Midnight Architecture (entry #21), a piece that had spent time on the gallery wall at Casa del Sol and was entered in the Gosford show as well, is on display until Sunday Oct 20.

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