Date: 10 May 2019

Topics: Photography & Soccer

Blood Bowl: The second season for the Blue Mountains Blood Bowl League has finished in unusual circumstances. The Swamp Division winner, Tupi (whose Western-themed undead side defeated the Coin Hunters in the divisional final) was declared the champion, after his scheduled opponent from the Mountain Division forfeited the match. This unexpected decision left quite a few of us scratching our heads, with the commish opting to just declare him the winner, so that Season 3 could commence this weekend. My Khorne roster, the Morisset Motorheads, is ready to go.

Soccer: Well, my birthday round match was actually quite a good one for the side. Despite lacking reserves (only two extras again last weekend) we managed a 2-all draw against our Baulkham Hill opponents at Hazel Ryan Oval, after leading 1-0 at half-time. The point conveniently lifted us off the bottom of the ladder, but we still have a poor goal difference. Our next match is against Winston Hills this Saturday, whom we beat to win the 35/6 division grand final in 2012.

Writing: Have started corresponding with a gent who messaged me via the DriveThruRPG site, the sister site of DriveThruFiction, where Feudball: Feudal Football was uploaded to back in April. The discussion has centred around fantasy football in general, with the correspondent being a fellow blood-bowler, and has had some material published on the site for another gaming system. A collaboration could be good promotion for Feudball and be beneficial for both parties concerned.

Date: 3 May 2019

Topics: Photography & Soccer

Photography: Another walk during the week, this time to Simmo's Beach, a reserve near Macquarie Fields in the western suburbs of Sydney. A pleasant walk and I got some good pictures. Today, took entries in for the annual Gosford show, and was notified this afternoon that one of them, Retired to the Coast (which was on display at the annual Art Works! exhibition last year) picked up a commendation.

Soccer: Third round was a rather disasterous one, as we wound up playing the current third placed team, Hills Spirit, out at Kellyville on April 27. In a rare night game, we swapped things around by capitulating in the first half, trailing 1-6 at the break, but only conceding two more goals in the second. Despite that, I felt I had my best match back after surgery, spending 30-35 minutes on the pitch in three stints. I even stopped a free-kick on the edge of penalty area.

Date: 27 April 2019

Topics: Blood Bowl, Photography & Soccer

Blood Bowl: The Canton Beach Coin Hunters finished their season in the Blue Mountains Blood Bowl League, going down in the Swamp Division final 1-2 against a strong undead side. Their overall record was 8-0-5, and the redrafting favoured them quite nicely, with all of their players returning, their miss next game player fully recovering, the only niggling injury removed, gaining a point of Fan Factor, with enough left over to replace the thrower that was killed in the final. Next season is due to start in June, where I'll be fielding Khorne.

Photography: Not much to add - a few shots here, a few there. Took the camera to the last home match for the Mariners on April 20, and found a good spot with little obstructions close to the action where I recorded some good action shots, some of which I've uploaded to FB.

Soccer: The season is restarting after it's school holiday/easter break. The first two matches were both against teams from Coolong, where after good first halves, we wilted in the second, going down 0-6 and 1-4 respectively. Our third league match is in Kellyville and it will be a night fixture. The aches are still there, and one of the minor injuries, a skinned knee as a result of a fall on a synthetic pitch during the second trial, is taking a lot longer to heal than expected.

Date: 3 April 2019

Topics: Blood Bowl, Photography, Soccer & Writing

Blood Bowl: Have been busy playing a few games recently for the Blue Mountains BB League, with my Coin Hunters having qualified for the Swamp (Sydney) Division play-offs. They've played seven games, and received a forfeit for an eighth, giving them a W-D-L record so far of 5-0-3, with another game to come before the play-offs. The games have been a mixture of friendlies (for SPPs and winnings) and scheduled league fixtures (for points and everything else). They've beaten everybody in the division, with their most recent game was against and undead outfit, which was a costly 1-0 victory.

Photography: Been doing quite a bit of that as well. With BB matches being scheduled in Penrith and venturing out for bushwalks in the Campbelltown area, the camera has been getting a very good workout. I also took it to the most recent Mariners match (March 31), and have been recording images as well for the gaming blog and Facebook. I'll also be submitting entries for the Gosford regional show (May 4 & 5), with three pieces framed and ready to go.

Soccer: I have returned to the pitch for this season. I've played in two trial matches so far, with a third having been canceled due to the weather. The first round of the Hills District competition is this weekend, and I'll be playing in the 35/5s for North Rocks FC once more. The trial matches have been a trial to say the least. Two big losses, wrecked a pair of boots, and took a tumble in both games, bruising my ribs and skinning both knees.

Writing: Feudball: Feudal Football is now available in a PDF format at Drive Thru Fiction. It's an updated version (Version 2.5), which now includes a short guide to how to play feudball, as well as a few graphics to break the text up, mainly similar team sheets and Gordon's blackboards which I used in the second installment of the series. The Kindle version on Amazon will be upgraded when I get a chance. The cost for the book is the same on both sites - $3 AUS.

Date: 23 January 2019

Topics: Website

Website: A little editing on some pages, and I have added some images on the Featured gallery page. At the moment, it consists of pictures featured in local newspapers.

Date: 21 January 2019

Topics: Blood Bowl & Photography

Blood Bowl: Back on Jan 12, I played my first game in the BMBBL at Good Games Epping. Despite scoring first and registering early casualties, my UC team, the Canton Beach Coin Hunters, were defeated by Knine's Wood Elves 1-2. On Jan 5 at Mountain Bowl, my Bretonnian team, after a good 3-0 win in the first round, were thumped in the next three games. Thankfully, three of my opponents were registered with the NAF, and with the results online, I have now completed the 52.

Photography: The weather has been quite lousy (one way or another) around the coast lately, either being too hot to go outdoors, or too overcast to get decent shots. The camera has accompanied me on a few trips out, to Epping, Narara and to the Central Coast Stadium, where I've been taking a few pics of the Mariners in action at their last two home games.

Date: 24 December 2018

Topics: Photography

Blood Bowl: To satisfy my Blood Bowl itch, I've joined the Blue Mountain Blood Bowl League (BMBBL), which has two divisions, one for Western Sydney based players, and one for players who play in and around the Sydney CBD, such as myself. I'll be fielding an Underworld Creepers team.

Writing: My second volume of poetry and song lyrics is now available on Amazon Kindle. Suppose I'll just sing the blues continues the autobiographical nature of the series, with a variety of pieces from autumn 1983 right up until November 2018. There's another 52 compositions in this tome, which is currently retailing for $2.00 AUD.

Date: 14 November 2018

Topics: Photography

Photography: The Casa del Sol gallery had its official opening on Monday night (Nov 12), with yours truly acting as the official photographer for the evening. Two of my pieces were featured as well, a rather brilliant sunset shot (which had people wondering as to whether it was a painting or a photograph) now called Naturally Isolated, and a rather foggy night shot of a bridge which I've labelled Midnight Architecture.

Date: 30 October 2018

Topics: Photography

Photography: Well, my entry at the annual Art Works! exhibition didn't sell or pick up a prize, but there was some benefit of entering. Long story short, I met someone at the Gosford Gallery, who informed me of a relatively new gallery, Casa del Sol, that has opened up at Koolewong. (It's about a two minute drive north of Woy Woy, based upstairs at the Boathouse Marina.) I wandered over today, took in a small portfolio of my work, and the gallery owner wanted two of my pieces framed to sell. He also gave me some advice on a few of my other shots as well.

Date: 15 October 2018

Topics: Blood Bowl & Photography

Blood Bowl: It was a frustrating weekend at MOAB (Sept 29 & 30) with Mean Machine, my Khorne team. I finished with a record of 2-1-3, with all three losses being decided by a single TD. This just leaves me one race to play again (Bretonnians) in order to complete the 52. The event was won by Pyates, who played Dwarves, whilst Bojo finished second with Undead. The tournament served as a selection event for the NSW team that will be playing at the state team championships in New Zealand next year, with first and second being rewarded with a place in the side.

Photography: Entry #61, A quiet afternoon at Norah Head, currently hangs on the wall at the annual ArtWorks! mental health exhibition running from October 12 to 21 at the Gosford Regional Gallery in East Gosford. I haven't had much of a chance to take the camera for a walk recently, as the weather has been decidedly poor and my legs haven't been up to the task. I did, however, manage to have a leisurely stroll around Long Jetty back on Sept 11 whilst the weather was good, and managed to get some good pics, as well as walk the lengths of the three long jetties there.

Date: 9 September 2018

Topics: Photography & Writing

Photography: I have my entry for the 2018 Art Works! exhibition, A quiet afternoon at Norah Head, framed and ready to go. The annual mental health exhibition runs from October 12 to 21 at the Gosford Regional Gallery in East Gosford. In the last week of August, I took my camera for a good walk around the riverside suburb of Tacoma, then to the Central Coast Stadium to get a few pictures of the Mariners trial match against the Central Coast Select. The match was significant seeing former olympic sprinter, Usain Bolt, is currently on trial with the local A-League team and managed to get twenty minutes on the pitch in the second half.

Writing: My first volume of poetry and song lyrics, You don't need my love, is now available on Amazon for $2.50 AUS. There are 52 pieces in this collection, which covers a period between autumn 1983 and winter 2018. I have included three prize winners, and a wide variety of material in what is pretty much a mini-autobiography.

Date: 5 August 2018

Topics: Photography

Photography: Submitted five entries into the 2018 BirdLife Australia National Photo Prize competition. With half-a-dozen sections to choose from, I submitted a sepia version of Chillin' at the Jetty in the Creative section, a white face heron with fishing line wrapped around a leg in the Human Impact section, a damp kookaburra rubbing his head against a branch in the Bird Behaviour section, and a Male Eastern Koel and a Juvenile Butcherbird in the Bird Portrait section.

Date: 3 July 2018

Topics: Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl: Participated in the annual Eucalyptus Bowl tournament over the weekend of June 30/July 1 at the Burwood RSL. I fielded Ogres (along with two other coaches), finishing 34th at the event with a reasonable 2-1-3 record. 50 coaches participated, with Skaven being the most represented with seven teams. Despite being defeated by one of them in the final round, played by Meowcats from SLOBB, TO Rabid (Slann) narrowly won the event for a second time, on a countback. To complete the trifecta of SLOBB coaches, Yasimir finished third with Chaos Dwarves.

Date: 2 June 2018

Topics: Writing

Writing: Feudball 2: Super League, has been finished, and the e-book is now available for purchase on all Amazon country sites for $2.99US ($3.99AUS).

Date: 13 May 2018

Topics: Blood Bowl & Writing

Blood Bowl: Participated in the third running of the Blue Dragon Cup on May 12 at Good Games Town Hall in Sydney. Twelve coaches were in attendance, with the winner being a Skaven coach playing in his first tournament. I finished fifth with two wins and two losses. It was a significant event for me, as I fielded Khorne, making me the (equal) first coach in Australia to have a NAF ranking for all 26 races.

Writing: Things are progressing well for Feudball II: Super League. Since thoroughly examining a test reader's report on May 7, I have been busy making changes, adding a Prologue, new material to Chapter 24, and amending a few errors. I still hope to have it for sale online by the end of the month.

Date: 27 April 2018

Topics: Writing

Writing: Have created my Amazon author's page. You can view it here.

Date: 11 April 2018

Topics: Blood Bowl & Writing

Blood Bowl: Participated in the Australian Team Championships over the weekend of April 7 & 8 at the Ryde-Eatswood Leagues Club in West Ryde. SLOBB fielded three teams at the event, which also featured teams from New Zealand and Western Australia. The tournament was won by SLOBB 1, whilst my team, SLOBB 2, finished third. WA was in-between us and SLOBB 3 won the team sportsmanship prize. Yours truly fielded Bretonnians again (due to a unregistered opponent at the Wollongong event, I needed to play them again to make them count towards the 26) and finished with an uninspiring 1-2-3 record, with a 4-0 win over an ogre side being the highlight of the tournament. The event also included my 1000th game of Blood Bowl, which, unfortunately, was a loss. The overall record, up to that point, was 405 wins, 149 draws, 446 losses.

Writing: After not being too creative in recent weeks, I decided to impose a deadline on myself for Feudball II: Super League to get me motivated. It will be out before the end of autumn, which is May 31 here in the southern hemisphere. Although with the weather we're currently having here you'd think it was spring.

Date: 2 April 2018

Topics: Soccer & Website

Soccer: Unfortunately, the third trial match was scheduled on March 24, the same day of a home match between the Mariners and Sydney FC. Attending both was impossible, seeing they were both scheduled to kick-off at the same time, so I went to match in Gosford with a friend who came up for it. The camera accompanied us as well.

Website: Have added two new pages, Radio and Sport, and edited the text on a few pages as well.

Date: 19 March 2018

Topics: Blood Bowl, Photography, Soccer

Blood Bowl: The inaugural Wollongong Warmongering BB tournament was held at Good Games Wollongong on 17 March. 24 coaches participated in this one day event, with the winner being Garden Gnome, who took orcs, which I suggested that he take. Yours truly fielded the recently approved Bretonnians, won the first two games, defeating (Pro) Elves and Skaven, but was denied a possible tournament victory, succombing to some rather vicious wood elves in the final round. I finished 4th overall.

Photography: With the tournament being on the south coast, I had the opportunity to take a leisurely four hour walk around the coastal city. There was plenty on offer, including some old coastal defences pre-dating WW1. Even staying at the BB tournament organizers place in the nearby beach side suburb of Woonona provided an opportunity to take a morning stroll with the camera before heading off to the BB event.

Soccer: Had made myself available for two trial matches scheduled on March 11 & 18, but neither went ahead. The first for a lack of numbers, the second due to extreme weather conditions across Sydney which saw the matches cancelled.

Date: 23 January 2018

Topics: Blood Bowl, Photography

Blood Bowl: The year has started rather well game wise, with two wins on Jan 9 at Good Games Town Hall. The first match was a trial game for the AusBowl Team Championships in April, in which I used my recently constructed Bretonnian team. After a horror start against my Goblin opponents, I won the game 4-1. The second match was a league game for the Lake Haven Lizards, and they were able to overcome a a dwarven team on debut 3-0 in the pouring rain. My next scheduled game is on Jan 31.

Photography: Finished 2017 rather nicely with an unscheduled visit to Taree for Xmas. Was able to have a couple of walks around town and take some good shots, especially of the Manning River.

Date: 19 December 2017

Topics: Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl: On November 26, the second installment of the Blue Dragon Cup was held at Good Games Town Hall. This time I fielded Amazons, with the ladies doing rather well, finishing with a 2-1-1 record. The last round match saw them with a chance of winning the event, but with only a draw against a determined Wood Elven side, they had to settle for third place. During the tournament, I registered my 400th win. As for the Lake Haven Lizards, well, they're not doing so great. Currently, they have a 2-3-4 record, with the team being beaten by a Skaven outfit 2-4 yesterday. Three sauri on the roster now have Block, and the kroxigor has just picked up Break Tackle. Four skinks have skills as well.

Date: 23 October 2017

Topics: Blood Bowl, Photography

Blood Bowl: The new season for the SLOBB rookie league has been underway now for four weeks (give or take a couple of days) and my lizardman side has been struggling. Three games so far, no wins, two draws and a loss. They've already had one player killed, and have played the last two games with a journeyman. Still, I've managed to skill up three players, with Block on a saurus, Catch on one skink, and, most importantly, Sure Hands on another. They have another game scheduled for this weekend.

Photography: I had an entry into the annual ArtWorks! exhibition which was hosted by the Gosford gallery in East Gosford. I went for a piece that I've displayed before in a couple of competitions, the sunset shot with a boat tilting over called At Rest. It didn't win a prize, but I received plenty of compliments about it from patrons. A couple of weeks ago I was in Tamworth, and I was able to have a good walk around on three seperate days. The weather, unfortunately, interrupted the last of the walks and I had to make my way back to the hotel quite drenched. I have also wandered around Gosford and Wyong recently as well, taking the opportunity to photograph a couple of derelict buildings (amongst other things) which is one thing that I like to do. I even had a chance to take a few stills of two more that are in the process of being knocked down in East Gosford.

Date: 31 August 2017

Topics: Blood Bowl, Writing

Blood Bowl: On August 12, I participated in the first Blue Dragon Cup, which was held at Good Games Town Hall. The roster creation rules favoured races that already had skills, so there was no surprise that four dwarven teams were playing, including mine. I finished with a record of 2-1-1 and wound up in fourth place overall, which I was quite pleased with. On August 25, my Panzermadels High Elven side finally finished their season, and they did it in style, thrashing a hapless goblin side 7-0. It's my biggest ever win, and the most TDs I've ever scored in a game. They were up 3-0 at halftime. They finished in the lower half of the table with a 4-1-6 record. For the next SLOBB rookie season, I'll be taking Lizardmen.

Writing: Whilst waiting for the test readers to finish up, I have been doing some work on Feudball 3. I'm nine chapters into the book, though not all nine chapters have been fully completed. The team goes on a tour, and plays feudball in a number of countries before (eventually) returning back to Brython.

Date: 4 July 2017

Topics: Blood Bowl, Football, Writing

Blood Bowl: Participated in the annual Eucalyptus Bowl tournament at Burwood RSL over the weekend of July 1 & 2. 55 coaches attended the event, with the winner being a fellow SLOBB player Bojo, who won it for the second time. Yours truly finished as the highest ranked Norse coach (there were prizes for the highest ranked coach of each race involved, of which there were 18) with a record of 3-1-2. Overall I finished in 15th place. The highlight of the weekend was a 2-0 victory in round four where the Beermen rendered a Human team rather senseless, doing three casualties and seven knockouts. At the end of the game there was only one opposing player left on the pitch.

Football: It turns out that the May 27 victory was my last game for the season. Whilst the fracture has healed rather well, and the moon boot is now off, other ongoing concerns will keep me off the field for the rest of the season. Apparently I am just one of four players in the side who has had their season ended prematurely through injury. Today I had an MRI scan on a suspicious lump in my right leg. The lump has been there for years and hasn't really caused any problems, though it does ache after a strenuous workout on the pitch or a vigorous walk. I am attending physio for another problem in my right leg, this time in my thigh, which is a little painful, but only when I run, try to kick a ball, or stretch whilst warming up. Since I've been away, the boys have not fared well, with a lack of numbers for last weekend's game forcing the manager to forfeit it. It's the first time my side has had to do that since I started playing with them in 2011.

Writing: I have sent copies of the fourth draft of Feudball: Super League to two test readers, one of them being in attendance at the EB tournament over the weekend. I did give it a little tweak before converting it into a PDF file for them and even added internal links to all the chapters.

Date: 5 June, 2017

Topics: Blood Bowl, Football, Writing

Football: After a narrow 0-1 loss on May 20, we finally registered our first win of the season under lights on May 27, twice coming from behind to win the round eight match 4-2. The last two goals were scored in the remaining 2.5 minutes of the match. The game was not without cost. Your truly shuffled off the field towards the end of the first half, and spent all of the second half sitting on the bench with an icepack on my left ankle. A subsequent visit to the doctor and an x-ray revealed that I had an evulsion fracture. I had rolled my foot in one of the many potholes near the turfed over cricket pitch. I have to wear a traction boot for three weeks and I'm off the pitch for at least six.

Writing: The fourth draft of Feudball: Super League has been finished, and I'm currently in the process of looking for a couple of (reliable) test readers before sending it off to an editor. In the meantime, I'm compiling a book of poetry/song lyrics which covers a period between Spring 1996 to Spring 2005, covering the time from when I permanently moved out of the family home in Tamworth to my arrival in East Gosford. Nearly half the pieces were composed during 2000, my first full year on the Central Coast. The collection will be called On the road and will feature some of my photography as well.

Date: 3 May, 2017

Topics: Blood Bowl, Football, Writing

Blood Bowl: Coinciding with my birthday last Sunday (April 30) was the Brewcastle Cup, which was held at the Gallipoli Legion in Hamilton (Newcastle). I fielded undead at the tournament, and was playing for the tournament win in the fourth and final round. Unfortunately, they went down 0-2 to Fnord23's orc team, and due to the closeness of the points I ended up finishing sixth, with a 2-1-1 record. As for the SLOBB Rookie League, the Panzermadels crashed to their fifth straight loss last week (April 26). They have one game left to play.

Football: It hasn't been a good start for the team, with only one draw in four matches. I've been getting plenty of game time at the back, but have been kept busy. The results have been 3-4, 1-3, 2-all, and a rather embarrassing 1-7 defeat at the hands of the second placed side in our grade.

Writing: Steadily working my way through the fourth draft of Feudball: Super League. Just finished rewriting Ch 26, which had the Jailbirds square off against a rather tough religious sect team made up of humans, dwarves, elves, and ogres. As for Feudball: Feudal Football, it's currently discounted on Amazon.

Date: 1 Apr 2017

Topics: Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl: The NSW team which participated in the AusBowl State Championships last weekend (March 25 & 26) successfully defended their title, without losing a round. We finished with three wins and three draws, with the bye in the last round. Victoria and Western Australia needed big wins in the final round (and other results to go their way as well) to pip us at the post, but had to settle for draws instead. On a personal level, my Chocolate Soldiers wood elves went quite well over the weekend, only losing one match which was the round five match at the start of day two. The overall record for them was 3-3-1, with the added bonus of winning a Victorian Open match during the bye round. (So two tournaments for the price of one.) Of 42 participants, I finished 20th. There were teams from both islands of New Zealand as well as a Barbarian team made up of NSW, Victorians, and a lone player from the Australian Capital Territory.

Date: 9 Mar 2017

Topics: Writing

Writing: There is only one item of news to report on, but it's rather important. Feudball: Feudal Football, was approved, and is currently for sale here on Amazon. I wasn't expecting that to happen for another day at least!

Date: 8 Mar 2017

Topics: Blood Bowl, Website, Writing

Blood Bowl: Patiently waiting to head off on my Victorian holiday so that I can participate in the AusBowl State Championships. Got another SLOBB league game out of the way on Feb 21 at Good Games Town Hall, but it was no better than the previous one, with the Panzermadels having a dreadful night and being routed 0-2 by a full-strength Undead side.

Website: Pages (other than the News page) have been updated. The two that have had the most work done on them are the Feudball page (to coincide with recent news) and the Downloads page, which includes a few additional items to download.

Writing: I'm pleased to say that at 4.15pm March 7, Feudball: Feudal Football was uploaded to Kindle Direct Publishing. Currently awaiting approval.

Date: 7 Feb 2017

Topics: Blood Bowl, Football, Writing

Blood Bowl: Not much happening at the moment, with just a solitary league game played this year back on Jan 24 in Chatswood. The Panzermadels High Elven side, despite leading early, were pretty much put to the sword in the second half by a vicious bunch of Amazons, losing 1-2.

Football: Have registered, paid and even had my ID photo taken last Saturday (Feb 4). I'll be back in the over 35s for another season of soccer with North Rocks.

Writing: Hard at work editing/formatting Feudball: Feudal Football, getting it ready to be posted online in the near future. Have missed two personal deadlines for it, due to a variety of reasons. Completed a fourth edit last month, and just checking it again as I convert it into a suggested e-book format. Also acquired the rights to an Victorian era line drawing just after Xmas which will be the cover for the new edition.

Date: 4 Dec 2016

Topics: Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl: Received some unexpected news yesterday. I was selected to play in the NSW team in the AusBowl Championships which are being held in Brunswick (Melbourne) March 26 & 27 next year. Those who won any of the three selection events held during the year (Brewcastle, MOAB and NSW Open) automatically gained a place. The final three spots were picked based on an average of placings, taking into consideration if a player had run any of the events. Having finished 9th, 5th and 9th at the three events, I took the 6th spot, beating a few state regulars for the spot.

Date: 3 Dec 2016

Topics: Blood Bowl, Writing

Blood Bowl: Last Sunday (Nov 27), I competed in the NSW Open, a one day tournament held at Wentworth Park in Ultimo, not far from the Sydney CBD. I took Chaos Pact for something completely different, finishing with a 1-0-3 record. The '1' was significant enough, as it was my first ever NAF win with the CP, which means I now have a win with all 24 races. They started the day having undead running runs around them, and finished with goblins beating the crap out of them. I registered my 1900th casualty during the day and played my 950th match as well.

Writing: The third and what will be the final draft of the revised edition of Feudball: Feudal Football was completed on Nov 21. All going according to plan, it'll be online and on sale before Xmas.

Date: 24 Oct 2016

Topics: Blood Bowl, Photography & Writing

Blood Bowl: At MOAB over the weekend of Oct 1 & 2, I fielded humans and finished 5th with a 2-2-2 record. The highlight of the event for me was an incredible last turn TD to win my round four match, where I made 13 successive rolls to score, 11 of them after I had used my last team re-roll for the match. On Oct 5, I finished the Spring Championships at Good Games Gosford in 3rd place, thanks to a last turn 3-2 win over a wood elven side. My humans ended the six match league with a 4-0-2 record, winning the most casualties prize. Planned one-day tournaments on Oct 8 & 9 at the store did not go ahead due to a lack of numbers. I shall be resuming playing matches in the SLOBB rookie league tomorrow.

Photography: No success or sale this time round at the annual Art Works! Mental Health exhibition in East Gosford, despite my entry, one of two framed prints of the bushfires at Chain Valley Bay back in October 2013, being well received.

Writing: Have started what could well be the third and final draft of the revised edition of Feudball.

Date: 18 Sept 2016

Topics: Blood Bowl, Football, Photography & Writing

Blood Bowl: As spring rolls around once more, I find myself not in one league, but two. SLOBB continues, with the Panzermadels High Elves having played their fifth match last Tuesday (Sept 13) beating a khorne side 3-1, and temporarily regaining second place on the ladder. They currently have a 3-1-1 record. My second team are the conveniently labeled Central Coast Marienrs, a human side, who are playing in the Good Games Gosford Spring Championships. After winning their first two matches, they went down to a (Pro) Elven side 2-3. The event, which started on Aug 31, is running for six weeks. I have also registered for MOAB (October 1 & 2), and will be taking humans.

Football: The team had it's end of season get together at Rosehill Bowls Club on Sept 3. A good time was had by all, and there was much talk about the season just completed, and the one ahead, with most of the team, including myself, prepared to play again next year.

Photography: Went on walk around Brooklyn (Hawkesbury River) on Aug 29, and had an enjoyable day out. Discovered (and photographed) plenty of wildlife, including a large colony of brush turkeys, and a AA gun emplacement from WW2. Got some nice shots of the marina as well. Took the camera with me for the bowls day, getting some shots on my walk to the venue from Parramatta station, as well as the team in action on the green.

Writing: The second edit of revised edition of Feudball was completed last Saturday (Sept 10). Must say it's reading a lot better now, though I would no doubt have to go through it one more time, and do a thorough spellcheck as well. A lot of errors have been fixed, with plenty of additional material put in, and I have amended a few sections as well without having to change the overall basic plot.

Date: 22 Aug 2016

Topics: Football, Photography & Writing

Football: Well, I made it to the end of the season. The team finished it very well indeed, with victories in our last two games, giving us six wins (plus a draw) for the year. On Aug 13, we played the other North Rocks side in our division, and despite creating a few chances, could only score from a first half penalty, and a second half free-kick. Still, it was enough to give us a 2-1 win. I was on the field for less this time round, as for a change, we had more subs. Still got around 30-35 minutes though. Our last game on Aug 20 had us traveling to Rouse Hill, where, after trailing early, we dominated for the rest of the match, winning 5-2. Three of those goals were scored in a ten minute period which was broken up by the main break. I started the side in defence, then had to come off as my ankles were seizing up, before finishing the half up front. I had a great second half, running myself into exhaustion once again before coming off (having played another 30-35 mins), frustrating attackers at every opportunity. The after match bourbon tasted much sweeter.

Photography: Last Tuesday (Aug 16), I decided it was time to get some pictures framed for exhibitions later this year. I opted to get two bushfire pictures done, which I took back in Oct 2013 in the suburb of Chain Valley Bay in the northern half of the Central Coast. One of them will be entered in the local Art Works! exhibition at the gallery in East Gosford starting Sept 30.

Writing: Haven't been too productive in the last couple of weeks, with only two chapters done of the current (second) edit of the revised edition of the first Feudball book. Was stuck on Chapter 18, where, like Chapter 8, there is a lot of traveling involved, this time going from west to east of the country, rather from south-east to north-west. Major editing still needed to be done, but it's now all fitted together nicely.

Date: 8 Aug 2016

Topics: Blood Bowl, Football, Photography & Writing

Blood Bowl: My Panzermadels High-Elven side played their fourth match on Aug 2, a rather mistake-ridden 1-all draw against an Elven side run by one of the SLOBB comissioners. The draw keeps me in second place behind the Chaos Dwarf side, which is run by the other league commissioner. I played him back on July 12 and lost 0-2. So far this season, I have a 2-1-1 record.

Football: It has been a stop/start affair for the last month. The game on July 9 was cancelled due to the poor weather, so I got a rare opportunity for a games night with a few friends. Because of the cancellation, it meant we had to play a double-header on the weekend of July 16 & 17. For the first time since I started playing with this side six years ago, we won both matches. A 2-1 victory over a side which needed to win both matches over the weekend to make the play-offs, and a 4-3 win over the other North Rocks side in our division. The double win gave us a very slim chance of making the play-offs, but it was squashed when we were thrashed 0-7 by the competition leaders on July 24. The game was meant to be played the day before, but the weather intervened again and the game was moved to a different field and day. Because of the switch, we only had ten players available, yet managed to hold our opposition to a single goal at half-time before the floodgates opened. This ended our season, finishing us in 6th place, which was a lot better than what we were expecting. On July 30, a round-robin pennant competition commenced for the four sides that didn't make the play-offs. Again, despite dominating for long periods of the game, we went down 2-4. The second game scheduled for Aug 6 didn't eventuate due to, yes, the wet weather. Hopefully we'll get back on the pitch on Aug 13. Now that I'm used to the bone spurs in my left heel, I have been able to play for longer periods, thanks to a mixture of gel pads in the boots, Tiger Balm, and Nurofen. I've been average 50 minutes a game since July 16, primarily because of the lack of reserves. I had to go off twice during our 0-7 defeat because I had run myself into a state of exhaustion. I just want to get to the end of the season, which is just two games away.

Photography: Mailed the entry form off today for the annual Art Works! mental health art exhibition in Gosford. I had thought about entering something that I already had framed, but decided I'd go for something else. Back in Oct 2013 I took pictures of the aftermath of a serious bushfire on the Central Coast and decided I'd enter one of them. The form had to be in by Aug 15, but the picture doesn't have to be delivered until Sept 26, which gives me plenty of time to get it framed. I haven't done any walks in the last two months, mainly because of the lousy weather and the heel, electing to stay at home and save it for football on the weekend.

Writing: Having finished the second draft of Feudball 2 not long after the last post, I returned to the first volume to do some more work on it. Currently, I'm roughly halfway through the second edit of the second edition, having done seven chapters over the last four days, the bulk of them yesterday. So far, must admit, it isn't as bad as I thought it was. I had to do a lot of work on Chapter 8, where Alex arrives in Brython. I took the opportunity to describe his journey and the country from the capital to Flagstaff, via stopovers along the way. It at least paints a broader picture of his homeland, a country going through hard times, something which I felt needed doing. The rest of it is coming along nicely, but there were a lot of nitpicking little things that needed fixing up.

Date: 6 July 2016

Topics: Blood Bowl, Football & Writing

Blood Bowl: Attended the second day of the annual Eucalyptus Bowl tournament over the weekend of July 2/3. 46 coaches were in attendance, with the event won by Joekano playing Amazons. Yours truly fielded High Elves, played three tough games, and ended up with a record of 1-1-1. My only win being a 2-0 victory over a fellow SLOBB player's Necromantic side in the last round.

Football: I did play on June 25, but only for about 15 mins before I had to leave the field for the second and last time in the game. I was in the thick of it for the time that I was on, but my game ended in the first half, with the heel feeling a bit tender again during my second run in midfield. It wasn't a good match to return on, with the side being thrashed 0-5, despite dominating the game for lengthy periods of time. Two goals came from corners, and a third from a throw-in, which was allowed to bounce to an unmarked opponent. The other two were from defensive errors in the second half. We had a few chances, and a couple of sitters were missed. On July 2 I was in goals for the first time this season, filling in for our regular keeper who dislocated a finger during the previous game. It was a tough 1-3 loss. Two of the goals were annoying, with the first being an angled shot sliding across the face of goal to hit the post and go in. The second came from close range, taking a slight deflection from a defender standing in front of me before going in off the post again. The third, well, being hampered by the heel injury did not help trying to recover errant balls, especially ones from wide out where I wasn't going to get to them. Sure enough, away from the goals, a long shot was fired past a defender in on target. I did save several shots. Five were struck straight at me, which I had no problem stopping. One I had to dive and push past the post, the other was a one-on-one which I stopped with my right foot which I was rather pleased with. My shoulder ailments have mostly healed, though I was reminded about the tendon tear when I threw a ball out during the game.

Writing: The first edit of Feudball 2 is almost finished. I'm a third of the way through Chapter 32, with just three chapters to go after that. I must admit, I'm pretty pleased with how it has turned out and I seriously think it doesn't need that much more work. The first volume though...

Date: 19 June 2016

Topics: Blood Bowl, Football & Writing

Blood Bowl: Got the new Slobb Rookie season off to a good start, with wins in my first two matches. This season I'm running High Elves, the team named after a PC game that I quite liked - Panzermadels. The girls came up against a dwarven side in their first match, and despite having five players injured, managed to win 2-1. The second match was a very frustrating game against Nurgle, where four opportunities to score were denied by poor rolls. However, the girls did get one chance to get a point in the second half, winning 1-0 with a turn sixteen TD.

Football: I haven't been on the pitch since May 21, having sustained a left heel injury in what was our best effort of the season, a 4-1 win with only one reserve for half the match. (I had come off sore during the previous match as well on May 14, which was a rather tense 1-all draw.) I was off after ten minutes, unable to run, with some soft tissue damage around the ankle joint and, more annoyingly, having acquired bone spurs. The prognosis was at least 2-4 weeks before I could return to the pitch. Due to the poor weather in and around Sydney, the boys have only been on the pitch twice since then, losing 3-4 to the former competition leaders (of which I took a few pictures of) on May 28, then being horribly thrashed 0-7 on June 11, by a team considered to be too strong for the division that they're in. I hope to get back on the field on June 25, weather and heel permitting.

Writing: So, seeing I've been nursing an injury for the last four weeks, I haven't done much photography, so I've been concentrating my efforts on editing the Feudball books instead. The first draft of the revised edition of the first Feudball book was completed mid-May, whilst I'm currently twenty-six chapters into editing the second book. The second book is looking more completed than the first I must say, and I really do need to spend a lot more time editing the revised edition of book one. I haven't done any work on the third book since April.