Date: 26 August 2019

Topics: Website

Website: Gave a few pages an overhaul seeing the material on them was out-of-date.

Date: 19 August 2019

Topics: Writing

Writing: Cool evening breeze is now available on Amazon Kindle. For the time being, I'll be leaving the price at $2 AUS.

Date: 7 August 2019

Topics: Writing

Writing: Spent many hours over the last three days editing and formatting the third volume of my poetry and song lyrics. This compilation shall be titled Cool evening breeze, and features fifty-two pieces covering a period from winter 1986 to winter 2019, and includes a couple of more recent poems. I should have it up on Amazon Kindle next week.

Date: 2 August 2019

Topics: Photography

Photography: Had a busy morning filling in forms and preparing entries for two competitions/exhibitions. The first was for the annual Central Coast Mental Health Art Works! Exhibition, and the remaining four were for the Birdlife Australia Photography Awards.

Date: 16 July 2019

Topics: Website

Website: I've added some new files of some old recordings, namely promos that were recorded in 1992, as well as the first forty minutes of my last show at 2 YOU FM in Tamworth. You'll find them on the Broadcasts page.

Date: 13 July 2019

Topics: Blood Bowl & Soccer

Blood Bowl:Last weekend (July 6 & 7) the 15th annual Eucalyptus Bowl tournament was held at the Burwood RSL club in Sydney. With roster restrictions lifted for this event, 23 out of the 26 NAF approved races were present, with Orcs having the biggest representation there, with the winning coach, Chopper, playing them as well. I took Chaos Dwarves to the event, and whilst the Gosford Gravediggers were sitting comfortably at 22nd place at the end of day one, with a win and two draws, their second day was quite forgettable, losing all three games. Whilst my opponents were restricted to an average of one TD per match, I couldn't quite match it. On the positive side, I became one of just five coaches who have attended all fifteen EBs. As for the Morisset Motorheads in the Blue Mountains league, they lost their fourth game of the season, going down 0-3 to a far superior wood-elven side yesterday (July 12).

Soccer: Well, the season has just gone from bad to worse for the boys. They haven't played in four weeks, considering the last three rounds have consisted of two forfeits (due to a lack of numbers on their behalf) and a postponement due to rain. As for me, the MRI revealed a knee sprain, and a small tear in the calf muscle. Thankfully, all of the ligaments were intact. With only five matches to go after this weekend, it is looking unlikely that I will return to the pitch, though for a couple of weeks I had believed that I might make it back, even if for just the last game.

Date: 16 June 2019

Topics: Soccer & Website

Soccer: I'm keeping track of the team's progress, though the news still isn't good, with two more defeats and another injury. At least they're managing to score goals. My next medical appointment is for an MRI, and there'll be some physio to follow as well. Though I can walk relatively well, I have to take it slow, wear a knee brace and avoid standing or walking for too long. I also need to be careful going down stairs and up hills.

Website: I was inspired enough (whilst I had the time) to add a Broadcasts page to this website. It will feature recordings of parts of my shows whilst I was a presenter at 2 YOU FM in Tamworth. It's kind of a 'private' page which is only linked from here and the Radio page.

Date: 11 June 2019

Topics: Blood Bowl, Photography, Soccer & Writing

Blood Bowl: The Morisset Motorheads' season hasn't really advanced too far, having contested only three games. Apart from the 2-all draw in the first match in Gosford, there's not much else to be excited about, with a 1-2 loss in the second game (which was a friendly) and a 0-4 loss to a far superior wood elven side in it's second season, which was played in Epping on May 25.

Photography: Unfortunately, in the week leading up to my last soccer match, my regular walking companion succombed to the flu, so I had to go on a solo walk locally. On May 30, I ventured to Terrigal with the camera for the first time in nearly seven years, and also took advantage of a couple of sites close to the Epping train station when I was down there for BB. I was also able to get to the Casa del Sol gallery at Koolewong last Saturday (June 8) to switch pieces. Midnight Architecture came home, with Iron Oxide #1 taking its place on display.

Soccer: The season has just gotten worse for myself and the team. Still winless, with the results (mostly) following an all too familiar pattern. During the 0-7 loss against Baulkham Hills on June 1, after having already played at least 30 minutes, I made a sudden turn to chase after an attacker, and felt something go 'pop' at the back of my left knee, ending my match. The results of a subsequent ultrasound reveal a small joint effusion, with the possibility of a sprain and/or a tear in the Lateral Collateral Ligament (LCL). I now need an MRI to fully determine the extent of the damage, and to see if my season and my amateur football playing days are over. The last week has been spent either at home or attending medical appointments.

Writing: Have almost completed the first draft of the third in a series of poem anthologies. I haven't come up with a title as of yet, but have selected another 52 pieces to go in it.

Date: 10 May 2019

Topics: Blood Bowl, Soccer & Writing

Blood Bowl: The second season for the Blue Mountains Blood Bowl League has finished in unusual circumstances. The Swamp Division winner, Tupi (whose Western-themed undead side defeated the Coin Hunters in the divisional final) was declared the champion, after his scheduled opponent from the Mountain Division forfeited the match. This unexpected decision left quite a few of us scratching our heads, with the commish opting to just declare him the winner, so that Season 3 could commence this weekend. My Khorne roster, the Morisset Motorheads, is ready to go.

Soccer: Well, my birthday round match was actually quite a good one for the side. Despite lacking reserves (only two extras again last weekend) we managed a 2-all draw against our Baulkham Hill opponents at Hazel Ryan Oval, after leading 1-0 at half-time. The point conveniently lifted us off the bottom of the ladder, but we still have a poor goal difference. Our next match is against Winston Hills this Saturday, whom we beat to win the 35/6 division grand final in 2012.

Writing: Have started corresponding with a gent who messaged me via the DriveThruRPG site, the sister site of DriveThruFiction, where Feudball: Feudal Football was uploaded to back in April. The discussion has centred around fantasy football in general, with the correspondent being a fellow blood-bowler, and has had some material published on the site for another gaming system. A collaboration could be good promotion for Feudball and be beneficial for both parties concerned.

Date: 3 May 2019

Topics: Photography & Soccer

Photography: Another walk during the week, this time to Simmo's Beach, a reserve near Macquarie Fields in the western suburbs of Sydney. A pleasant walk and I got some good pictures. Today, took entries in for the annual Gosford show, and was notified this afternoon that one of them, Retired to the Coast (which was on display at the annual Art Works! exhibition last year) picked up a commendation.

Soccer: Third round was a rather disasterous one, as we wound up playing the current third placed team, Hills Spirit, out at Kellyville on April 27. In a rare night game, we swapped things around by capitulating in the first half, trailing 1-6 at the break, but only conceding two more goals in the second. Despite that, I felt I had my best match back after surgery, spending 30-35 minutes on the pitch in three stints. I even stopped a free-kick on the edge of penalty area.

Date: 27 April 2019

Topics: Blood Bowl, Photography & Soccer

Blood Bowl: The Canton Beach Coin Hunters finished their season in the Blue Mountains Blood Bowl League, going down in the Swamp Division final 1-2 against a strong undead side. Their overall record was 8-0-5, and the redrafting favoured them quite nicely, with all of their players returning, their miss next game player fully recovering, the only niggling injury removed, gaining a point of Fan Factor, with enough left over to replace the thrower that was killed in the final. Next season is due to start in June, where I'll be fielding Khorne.

Photography: Not much to add - a few shots here, a few there. Took the camera to the last home match for the Mariners on April 20, and found a good spot with little obstructions close to the action where I recorded some good action shots, some of which I've uploaded to FB.

Soccer: The season is restarting after it's school holiday/easter break. The first two matches were both against teams from Coolong, where after good first halves, we wilted in the second, going down 0-6 and 1-4 respectively. Our third league match is in Kellyville and it will be a night fixture. The aches are still there, and one of the minor injuries, a skinned knee as a result of a fall on a synthetic pitch during the second trial, is taking a lot longer to heal than expected.

Date: 3 April 2019

Topics: Blood Bowl, Photography, Soccer & Writing

Blood Bowl: Have been busy playing a few games recently for the Blue Mountains BB League, with my Coin Hunters having qualified for the Swamp (Sydney) Division play-offs. They've played seven games, and received a forfeit for an eighth, giving them a W-D-L record so far of 5-0-3, with another game to come before the play-offs. The games have been a mixture of friendlies (for SPPs and winnings) and scheduled league fixtures (for points and everything else). They've beaten everybody in the division, with their most recent game was against and undead outfit, which was a costly 1-0 victory.

Photography: Been doing quite a bit of that as well. With BB matches being scheduled in Penrith and venturing out for bushwalks in the Campbelltown area, the camera has been getting a very good workout. I also took it to the most recent Mariners match (March 31), and have been recording images as well for the gaming blog and Facebook. I'll also be submitting entries for the Gosford regional show (May 4 & 5), with three pieces framed and ready to go.

Soccer: I have returned to the pitch for this season. I've played in two trial matches so far, with a third having been canceled due to the weather. The first round of the Hills District competition is this weekend, and I'll be playing in the 35/5s for North Rocks FC once more. The trial matches have been a trial to say the least. Two big losses, wrecked a pair of boots, and took a tumble in both games, bruising my ribs and skinning both knees.

Writing: Feudball: Feudal Football is now available in a PDF format at Drive Thru Fiction. It's an updated version (Version 2.5), which now includes a short guide to how to play feudball, as well as a few graphics to break the text up, mainly similar team sheets and Gordon's blackboards which I used in the second installment of the series. The Kindle version on Amazon will be upgraded when I get a chance. The cost for the book is the same on both sites - $3 AUS.

Date: 23 January 2019

Topics: Website

Website: A little editing on some pages, and I have added some images on the Featured gallery page. At the moment, it consists of pictures featured in local newspapers.

Date: 21 January 2019

Topics: Blood Bowl & Photography

Blood Bowl: Back on Jan 12, I played my first game in the BMBBL at Good Games Epping. Despite scoring first and registering early casualties, my UC team, the Canton Beach Coin Hunters, were defeated by Knine's Wood Elves 1-2. On Jan 5 at Mountain Bowl, my Bretonnian team, after a good 3-0 win in the first round, were thumped in the next three games. Thankfully, three of my opponents were registered with the NAF, and with the results online, I have now completed the 52.

Photography: The weather has been quite lousy (one way or another) around the coast lately, either being too hot to go outdoors, or too overcast to get decent shots. The camera has accompanied me on a few trips out, to Epping, Narara and to the Central Coast Stadium, where I've been taking a few pics of the Mariners in action at their last two home games.

Date: 24 December 2018

Topics: Photography

Blood Bowl: To satisfy my Blood Bowl itch, I've joined the Blue Mountain Blood Bowl League (BMBBL), which has two divisions, one for Western Sydney based players, and one for players who play in and around the Sydney CBD, such as myself. I'll be fielding an Underworld Creepers team.

Writing: My second volume of poetry and song lyrics is now available on Amazon Kindle. Suppose I'll just sing the blues continues the autobiographical nature of the series, with a variety of pieces from autumn 1983 right up until November 2018. There's another 52 compositions in this tome, which is currently retailing for $2.00 AUD.