Date: 11 July 2022

Topics: Gaming & Photography

Gaming: Unfortunately only one of the two tournaments went ahead, with the Streetbowl event for July 2 having been cancelled due to a lack of numbers. Eucalyptus bowl, despite the weather and Covid disruptions, went ahead, though some players dropped out or were delayed getting to the event. After a pair of trial matches on June 25, I wound up taking Black Orcs to EB (it would've been Orcs for Streetbowl) and finished with a 2-0-3 record. The Spanish Guns struggled throughout the event, with the air goblin route accounting for three of their five touchdowns. Casualties were extremely hard to come by, only managing three despite playing against AV 7 sides in three rounds. At the very least, I'll now have rankings for all 29 races.

Photography: Seeing I opted to stay in Burwood for EB, I took an opportunity for a longer walk to the venue (Burwood RSL) on July 9 to take a few snaps. I also recorded a few shots on the first day of the tournament, but Monet was playing up on the second day and none of the pictures were any good.

Date: 1 June 2022

Topics: Gaming, Life & Photography

Gaming: Hasn't been any table-top gaming of any sort since the last post. It's been all online. I do have two Blood Bowl events coming up next month, the annual Eucalyptus Bowl NAF major and a one-day Street Bowl tournament. Hopefully there'll be some gaming locally in the foreseeable future.

Life: Hard to think I've been here over two months, having moved in on March 25. Unlike the old residence in East Gosford, it's a five minute walk to the nearest bus stop, but I have discovered that I can go a variety of different ways to get to it. Feel considerably lonely at times, but the social calender has recently picked up with outings to local landmarks and recent events. Autumn was a really wet season here, with last April probably the wettest month I've ever experienced in my lifetime. It really does feel like winter now though.

Photography: Recently Monet got a good workout, with a lengthy walk around the Woy Woy waterfront, then a visit to the Australian Reptile Park in the hills overlooking Gosford. Though people had to register to bring a camera into last Saturday's Central Coast Comic Con event at the Gosford Racecourse, I still managed to take a few snaps (and some video footage) with my mobile phone, which was what a lot of people were doing on the day. Plenty of subject material where I live as well, seeing the Everglades Lagoon Reserve is just a good stone's through away. I vary my walks to the bus stop just to stroll by it - weather and time permitting.

Date: 20 March 2022

Topics: Gaming & Life

Gaming: Well, I've been able to do some. Three sessions, two games of Mordheim on 21 & 28 Feb against my regular sparring partner Richard, and an RPG session last night with all four of the group being able to attend for the first time in about a year and a half due to the pandemic. New characters were generated for a warhammer fantasy-esque world with the first session being an emphasis on decision making rather than combat. It was rather enjoyable, more so seeing I was able to unwind after all the stress of searching for a place to live.

Life: My moods have definitely been all over the place. It feels that I've been on one hell of an emotional roller-coaster ride, which thankfully has ended on a positive note. Yesterday, prior to the gaming session, I paid a deposit, a second week's rent and the bond for a clean unit over in Woy Woy, not far from where I used to live 17 years ago. I really don't know how it happened, but as you can imagine I'm very happy that it has, so I'm moving next week. This morning, after putting what could well be a last load of laundry on the line, I walked around with the camera and took a few artistic shots. There's plenty I'll miss about this place, but there's plenty I won't. I'll update the blog when I can.

Date: 17 February 2022

Topics: Life

Life: As if being in the middle of a pandemic isn't bad enough, last week on Feb 8 I was notified by the real estate that my lease was being ended with a 90 day 'no grounds' termination. As you can imagine, this has come at quite a shock seeing I've been at this address in East Gosford for nearly 16.5 years. So now I'm in a packing and hunting phase and really haven't had so much luck so far. I haven't really done much else, apart from a sanity boosting visit to the stadium for some soccer last Thursday (Feb 10) with the camera getting a good workout with a double header that evening. A shame the Mariners were unable to secure a win that night or again on Sunday, with draws in both games against MacArthur Rams and Perth Glory. Feel free to peruse the latest blog post for further details on the enforced move.

Date: 27 January 2022

Topics: Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl: A rare opportunity for a league match last Thursday (Jan 20) at Gametraders in Hornsby, a day short of eight months since the previous one. The Lake Munmorah Mercenaries II took on Luis V's new Khemri side and just held on to win 1-0 despite running short of players. Casualty count was 1-3 in favour of the undead side.

Date: 5 December 2021

Topics: Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl: Attended Nuffle's Beach Bash today at Sylvania Heights Community Youth Centre. Persisted with my snotling roster, making some amendments to allow me additional scoring options. Fielded Hakflem Skuttlespike and Akhorne the Squirrel, with the former obliging with my first point of the tournament in a 3-0 win over an undead roster. Despite being on the top table for round two, things fell apart at a rather steady rate, with the side being beaten 0-2 by wood elves, then royally butchered 0-3 by goblins in the last match by the eventual runner-up Clay M. The event was won again by Rabid.

Date: 29 October 2021

Topics: Blood Bowl & Photography

Blood Bowl: An extremely rare opportunity arose last Tuesday for a trial match for the upcoming Nuffle's Beach Bash, which has been confirmed for Dec 5 at Sylvania Heights Community Youth Centre, the regular venue for MOAB. Local player Tupi obliged for the impromptu trial match, which saw his vampires run rings around my snotling side 1-4. Obviously that roster will need some serious fine tuning before I use that anywhere.

Photography: The Mental Health Art Works! exhibition was postponed and shifted to a new venue. The event will now take place at The Entrance Gallery on Noberta Street at The Entrance, starting November 20 and finishing November 28. Entries have to be dropped off on November 16. With restrictions easing considerably, there'll be no problems getting there and back for the event.

Date: 16 September 2021

Topics: Writing

Writing: Continuing with some editing on Feudball 3 to help pass the time during lockdown, which is now in its twelfth week. Currently up to Chapter 17, the match in Morrunsia against Tallin's side. Most of the work done is correcting spelling and grammar, but it still needed a little extra. Also working on a supplementary document which goes into plenty of detail about where the inspiration for the series came from, as well all the little references and homages that are scattered throughout the series.

Date: 25 August 2021

Topics: Blood Bowl & Photography

Blood Bowl: Not much to add in this department. I was looking forward to the Blood Bowl tournament at the annual MOAB games convention, and had not only registered and paid nearly a month ago but had ordered extra black orcs to create a Black Orc BB team for the event. Unfortunately, MOAB has been cancelled, with my registration fee already refunded, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic which has really hit Sydney rather bad over the last two months. Seeing NSW is still in lockdown, I have been passing my time constructively by painting miniatures, creating storage cases and experimenting with unusual line-ups on the BB2 PC game amongst other things.

Photography: Haven't been going too far due to the lockdown restrictions, but have been able to get a few decent snaps locally. Thankfully the birds aren't aware that there's a pandemic on and are still doing what they normally do at this time of the year. I have put in an entry for the annual Mental Health Art Works! exhibition in October at the regional gallery in East Gosford (provided that it isn't canceled due to the pandemic), but seeing a walk to the framers isn't really an essential reason to be out and about, I entered one of my older works instead, which had already been displayed in exhibitions in Sydney and the Gosford Regional Show.

Date: 11 June 2021

Topics: Writing

Writing: Feudball 3, the bare bones edition created using the Kindle app, is now available on Amazon Kindle. I have also updated the Feudball download files as well to include new items, including the vastly updated map.

Date: 8 June 2021

Topics: Blood Bowl, Photography & Writing

Blood Bowl: A bit quiet league-wise, with only one match to report on. My BMBBL Old World Alliance team, The Lake Munmorah Mercenaries 2, took on a halfling outfit back on May 21 at Good Games Gosford (my first visit to the store in two years) and suffered an embarrassing defeat, losing 1-2. Thankfully the side was spared any serious injuries.

Photography: Have had a few opportunities to get out and give the camera a workout. On April 30 I ventured up to Long Jetty for an hour long walk around the waterfront, with a shot or two I felt being good enough to get framed for this year's Art Works! exhibition. On May 22 & 23 I spent the weekend at the Central Coast Air Show at Warnervale airport, and was able to take hundreds of photographs (and some video footage) of vintage warbirds in action. 'Monet' was also taken to the Mariners vs Western United match on June 5, which resulted in a 2-0 win for the locals and a third-place finish in the regular season.

Writing: Have prepared and uploaded a 'bare bones' version of book three of the Feudball series on Amazon Kindle to replace the faulty version that was up there. This particular version contains no images (map, field diagram, logo, Gordon's blackboards and me) which are currently in the PDF version of the book on Drive Thru Fiction. Just waiting on approval.

Date: 22 April 2021

Topics: Blood Bowl & Writing

Blood Bowl: In terms of victories, it wasn't a very good weekend at Eucalyptus Bowl on April 10 & 11. The Guns for Hire Old World Alliance team had a shocking first day, going winless, but recovered to get two wins on the second day and finish 32nd out of 40 with a 2-0-4 record. There was an added bonus of scoring 12 touchdowns for the event (eight of them on the second day), and picking up the most TDs prize on a countback, after being in a three-way tie. Oddly enough, overall winner Tribal Sinner and runner-up Gnome also fielded Old World Alliance rosters at the event.

Writing: Feudball 3: On the Road has been uploaded to Amazon Kindle, however there has been a few problems with the formatting, so I'll need to sit down and try and rectify the issues. It's still available on Drive Through Fiction in PDF format though, and you can pick a copy of it up for $3 AUD.

Date: 5 April 2021

Topics: Website & Writing

Website: Updated the home and feudball pages seeing a third feudball book is on the market now. :)

Writing: Feudball 3: On the Road, is now up on Drive Through Fiction! I finally knuckled down today and got it done, then realised that the website needed to be updated as well. Still have to format the book for Kindle, but it should be done this week. The PDF version of the third book will retail for $3 AUD.

Date: 26 March 2021

Topics: Blood Bowl & Writing

Blood Bowl: Again, very poor of me to not update this in a timely fashion. Back on March 11 I played my first league game for the new season of the Blue Mountains Blood Bowl League, and my first game with the new 2020 rules. The Lake Munmorah Mercenaries II, an Old World Alliance franchise, traveled to Hornsby where they played against the Commish's Underworld side, and defeated them 3-2, achieving a 6-0 casualty count in the process. More games will be scheduled in the upcoming school holidays, with the annual Eucalyptus Bowl tournament going ahead as well on April 10 & 11.

Writing: Feudball 3: On the Road, is nearing completion. I'm currently tying up a few loose ends, which includes a final check to see if I've missed anything and formatting the book for PDF and Kindle versions.The map has been completed and a cover picture has been added.

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