It all started at my first Blood Bowl tournament way back in 2005. I picked up a BB fantasy fiction book as my prize for winning the Sportsmanship award. After myself and co-author Steven Babbage read it, we decided that we could do better.

Naturally, if you haven't read any of the series, then the following descriptions will give away a few spoilers.

Feudball - Feudal Football
Feudball - Super league
Feudball - on the road
Feudball: Feudal Football
Feudball II: Super League
Feudball III: On the Road

The first book, Feudball: Feudal Football, is mostly about the trials and tribulations of Alexander Bathgate, an accountant for a logging company at one of the more distant outposts of the Brython empire (think 19th Century England). He has become rather bored with his life, and, for a bit of excitement, decided to fiddle the books for a bit of extra money. Naturally, this sees him wind up in prison and eventually transported back to the motherland, where he ends up playing on the prison feudball side, which is captained by disgraced veteran Gordon Tanner, who's doing time for arson and manslaughter. Alex quickly discovers just how brutal the game can be.

The second part of the trilogy, Feudball II: Super League, sees the side progress into a unified national competition, which incorporates dwarven, elven and undead teams, though is mostly made up of human franchises. Though Alex still features heavily in this volume, the story doesn't completely revolve around him (after all, there's no "i" in "team") with Gordon and the Duke sharing the bulk of the narrative with him. The games and off-field events are viewed through multiple sets of eyes, so one can get to know the rest of the team as well. During the year, opportunities again present themselves for the team to play in tournaments, including THE event of the feudball calender – The Imperial Championships.

Trouble seems to follow the side everywhere, and there's no exception in the third part of the trilogy, Feudball III: On the Road. The Imperial States has descended into anarchy, and somehow, the group has to try and find a way out. It's either the perilous road to freedom or a long stay in a prison camp. Once again, the games are seen through multiple sets of eyes, with the added bonus of a commentary team doing their bit. This book also includes a colour map of the Feudball world, which will eventually find it's way into the other books.

The Feudball trilogy is currently available online in all Amazon Kindle country sites and at DriveThruFiction.com (in PDF format) for $3.00AU. To keep up-to-date, either check out my writing blog, or go to the book's Facebook page.

I have also uploaded a few additional associated files:

  • Be slaves no more - Lyrics to the Jailbirds' 'anthem' which I wrote in May 2016. (PDF)
  • Feudball Map - The original sketch I made of the Feudball playing world. (JPG)
  • The Game - How the game is played, managed, and enjoyed by tens of thousands of fans across the world. (PDF)
  • History - How the game developed over the centuries. (PDF)
  • An interview for the arts program on Coast FM, recorded in November 2011, where I talk about Feudball, Blood Bowl, playing soccer and my mental health. (WMA)
  • Jailbirds Jersey - A rather simplified design of the Jailbirds' jersey in the first book. (JPG)
  • Jailbirds Logo - A sketch of the Jailbirds' emblem, the 'jailed' bird, that features in the original edition. Drawn by Mal van Drempt. (JPG)
  • Penalties - A seperate file about what the players and teams can get in trouble for. (PDF)
  • Races & Countries - A guide to the races featured and the countries involved in the book. (PDF)

5 April, 2021