Favourite Players

Of course, certain players in the sides tend to rise up over the rest for whatever reason, be they MVP hogs, touchdown scoring machines, or superior blockers. Again, the players are in no particular order of favourtism.

Amber Alert

Elf Blitzer 7-3-4-8; Block, Side-Step, Dodge, Strip Ball, Tackle; 12 TD, 2 Cas, 1 MVP for 45 SPP. Played in all 13 of the team's matches.

Definitely was my go to player for the Drag Queens. Initially, her job was to punch holes in defensive lines to give the catchers something to run through, but wound up scoring over a third of sides' points. An excellent sweeper, and a great terrorizer of ball carriers. Was killed during the side's tenth match, but thankfully revived by the apothecary.

Otto Burgermeister

Human Thrower 7-4-3-8; Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate; 16 CP, 1 TD, 1 Cas, 2 MVP for 31 SPP. Played in all 9 of the team's matches.

A tough bastard, his first match for the Ostland Bulls was quite forgettable as he had three passes intercepted. Needless to say, his passing improved as the league progressed, notching up 16 completions, and was my best thrower until he was later surpassed by Gerbil Chucker in my Furry Pirates (Mk 2) Skaven side over ten years later. Was my first player to acquire over 30 SPP.

Dr Vornoff

Tomb Guardian 4-5-1-9; Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Multi-Block, Break Tackle; 10 Cas, 3 MVP for 35 SPP. Played in all 16 of the team's matches.

Hard-hitting stalwart of my Bela Lugosi Fan Club (Khemri) side (playing under LRB 5 rules at the time), who got the team off to a great start in their first league match against a necromantic outfit, registering four out the team's eight casualties for the game.

The Monk

Human Blitzer 7-3-3-8; Block, Strip Ball, Tackle; 3 TD, 4 Cas, 2 MVP for 27 SPP. Played in all 9 of the team's matches.

A very useful player for my team of convicted felons - Krooks. Could stop an attacking movement cold, then respond with an attacking play of his own. Carried the defensive and offensive responsibilities for the side after fellow blitzer Danny Meehan died in the match before the league final.


Orc Thrower 5-4-3-8; Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate, Block; 6 CP, 4 TD, 2 Cas, 3 MVP for 37 SPP. Played in all 10 of the team's matches.

Captain of my Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Didn't really need to throw that often. Preferred method of play was to hit somebody, grab the ball, and bugger off. Scored a third of the team's TDs for the season.

Basil Brush

Gutter Runner 9-2-4-6; Dodge, Very Long Legs, Sprint, Sure Feet, Block, Pass Block; 2 CP, 23 TD, 1 Cas, 1 MVP for 78 SPP. Played 23 out of the team's 25 matches.

My highest ever SPP earner. Playing for the Furry Pirates (Mk 2), he became the most targeted player in the league, twice being seriously injured. He scored three hat-tricks, and was the definite go-to player when points needed scoring. In the second season, he became more of a sweeper than an attacker, but still contributed to the scoreboard.


Wardancer 8-3-5-7; Block, Dodge, Leap, Strip Ball, Side Step; 4 CP, 7 TD, 3 Cas, 2 MVP for 41 SPP. Played 13 out of the team's 14 matches (so far).

Currently part of my Zulu! Wood Elven team, which completed their first season in SLOBB early in 2014. As Basil was heavily targeted in his leagues, Cetshwayo has been subjected to quite a few attacks as well, more so after he acquired his AG increase in his side's fifth match. He's become quite an expert in hunting down opposing ball carriers, even if they're in the relative security of a cage.

More to come.