Other Projects

As I've stated elsewhere on the site, I have literally hundreds of ideas filed away, and not just in writing, web-based or photography projects.

I have dabbled, at various times, on ideas for card games, board games, play-by-mail games (for several years in the late 80's and early 90's I was quite into them) and role-playing games. A couple were to be spin-offs from Ceau's world, a couple more were to be conversions of games that I already play, some others became utterly fantastic, developed over 30-40 pages but appeared horribly complex and were abandoned, and others became just little more than a page or two of notes.

There are four that I have spent a fair bit of time on that are worthy of mention. The first of these projects is a personalisation of the Arkham Horror board game, which is called Springfield Horror. By using a program called Strange Eons, one can modify Arkham Horror to suit their own needs, so I jumped in wholeheartedly to create a Simpson's themed game. (Yes, for a long time I was a Simpsons addict, but find that the show really has lost the plot these days and I've stopped watching it. Still like the first seven seasons though, and have no problems watching any of those episodes. The movie though I can take or leave it.) As for my version of the game, I have created a board, a large number of items and spells, characters, enemies, etc. but haven't created location, other world encounter or mythos cards. I posted semi-regular updates about it on my BB & RPG Blog, which did create some interest in readers. However, I lost interest in it and haven't worked on it since 2012.

The second one was a card game called Might. Basically, it's a territory grabbing, military building game, where you win the game by being the last player standing, either by eliminating your opponents in battle, or using underhand means to undermine their state. I had developed prototype game cards, going to great lengths to acquire clip-art to use, and even printed a few up. Again, it's another idea that I just simply ran out of steam on in the middle of 2010.

Something a bit more recent (May 2015) was another land grabbing game simply dubbed Land Grab. (How ruddy original that was.) This was a combined board and card game, where you started off with a small army, based at a capital (in this case, I just used a map of Australia, so it would've been state capitals) and one just attempted to be last player standing, or, if need be, have the most territory at the end of a set number of turns. Each piece of territory had a value, be it in population, raw resources, or money, which were needed to maintain your troops, construct defences, even conduct research to improve your weaponry. I designed combat to be quite simple in this game, and was actually quite pleased with the system. I felt that I had pretty much finished this idea, except for adding more cards and designing a game board.

Another board/card game was one I titled Faulty Towers. The premise was quite simple. You are a guest/employee at this rather strange hotel, and have been locked inside the venue. The windows are barred as well, and did I mention that the place is filled with a lot of nasty creatures, including the ever present zombies? It's a co-operative game where players are meant to help each other survive, and escape from the hotel, which is the main goal. However special events may help or hinder you, like electrical faults, spot fires, or malfunctioning sprinkler systems. Again, I ran out of steam for this one in November 2014, but felt some of the rules, enemies and effects may have been just a little too complicated.

2 April, 2018