Favourite Teams

So many teams, so many memories. League and tournament sides, from the first competitions back in Tamworth in the mid-1990's, up until last year. The teams come from a variety of leagues and competitions.

The only order these rosters are in, is alphabetically by race.

Drag Queens (Elves)

I took this side through two competitons, the third season of NOBBL (Newcastle Open Blood Bowl League), which was mostly played at Wallsend and in 2012 at the Newcastle Legion in Hamilton. They didn't get off to a good start, having a blitzer killed in their first match (in the first half) and were lucky to escape with a draw after leading 3-1 early in the second half. However, they progressed well as the season rolled on, despite a nasty encounter with the Norse in their sixth match. They ended their first season as champions, coming from 1-3 behind to win the final 4-3 in extra time over their Slann opponents. They were one of two teams I played at the Newcastle Legion in 2012, the other was a rather unsuccessful Lizardman team. They finished in the top eight, then won their play-off match to progress to the last four and despite having the services of Morg and Eldril Sidewinder, they were run over by an uber powerful High Elven team. Had a simple 2+ dodge been made in the middle of the second half, they would've tied the game up at 3 all, instead of eventually going down 2-5.

Krooks (Humans)

Only got a run for one season in 2005/6 and were the dominate side in the competition, only losing two of nine games played, one of them, unfortunately, being the final. Four clean sheets, compiling an overall 2-1 ratio in touchdowns and registering 31 casualties for the season, they had three players killed during the competition, two of those being blitzers. The side trailed 1-3 at half-time during the final, but scored early in the second half after having taken apart their Skaven opponents. Their undoing was a pitch invasion, which flattened an entire flank, leaving a single gutter runner an unopposed run to the line to put the game beyond doubt.

Ostland Bulls (Humans)

A sentimental favoutie of mine, seeing that they were my first league team. Marginally lost more games than they won, I still had a lot of fun with them, learning the ropes in competitive play during 1994/5. The side was severly mauled during a match against Halflings, with five players injured and two killed. They bounced back in their next match (after receiving a loan) and thrashed their Skaven opponents. The competition that they were in was unfortunately never finished, due to various reasons.

Bela Lugosi Fan Club (Khemri)

I have played Khemri in it's various formats, but still preferred this version of them from 2007. This side could've been so much better, had they not had two mummies killed during the season, and who knows what they could've achieved if the second season had not been aborted before it got going. Destroyed a Necromantic team in their first league match, which got even with them in the play-offs. The side went on to win the third place play-off, scoring the winner on the last turn of the game, after an excellent hail mary pass the previous turn. Their best effort though, was a tough 1-0 win over the Human side that won the competition in the previous year, which turned out to be their only second season match.

Oz Correctional Facility (Orcs)

In October 2011 (after the completion of my first season playing football for North Rocks) I decided to play in the Sydney Blood Bowl League (SLOBB) and took this orcan homage of one of my favourite ever TV shows into my first Sydney league, which at the time was labeled the Tear of Redcard. It was a tough learning curve, with the side winning just three and drawing two of fourteen games played, though match reports suggested that they were really only outclassed in just one match, a 2-5 loss in June 2012 to an elven team in the second event, the Killy Cup, which was described as an 'anti-finals league' which consisted of sides that did not qualify for the TOR play-offs. Their best player was thrower Tobias Beecher, who finished with the stats of 6-3-4-8 and 20 completions. They also had a tough contingent of blitzers (with one killed along the way), with Vern Schillenger being the best of them scoring three times and inflicting seven casualties, but picking up up a niggling injury at the end of the second season. Compiling an accurate history was tough, even with a lot of old print-outs available, as the rosters and my recent calculations of the team's value were not equalling up. Though there were plenty of match notes, details of purchases and skills taken were not always kept and had to be painstakingly worked out. This side was a lot of fun to play and when reading through the notes I could still recall some of the games and venues.

Furry Pirates (Mk 2) (Skaven)

I had a lot of fun playing this side. They got through two seasons, were severely beaten up, yet still managed to win the third place play-off in their second season in an epic struggle against Wood Elves, the winner being scored by Hakflem Skuttlespike in extra time. The gutter runners featured heavily in the scoring, with three players, Basil Brush, Ethel Aardvark and Secret Squirrell scoring 46 of the team's 59 touchdowns. The team lost a lot of players along the way, including four killed in one horrendous game against Chaos in season two. This was probably the first side where I kept detailed notes of their entire seasons.

Bond Villains (V1) (Undead)

I just had to include a tournament winning side with which I won the Clash of the Titans event back in 2008. I had to do it tough, playing against four members of the infamous Carnage Crew and beating three of them, two of them for the very first time. Two sides finished with an identical 4-1-0 record in this event, the other being an Amazon side played by Sangraal which I drew against in round three. What won me the event was a large amount of bonus points, seeing my overall TD count was 10-2 and the casualties 21-7. In the first round match, I whipped the TO's Orc side 3-0 and did five casualties as well, which set me up nicely for the tournament victory.

More to come.